“A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing.”

Database Management

At Perfsol, we provide a comprehensive range of unique database management solutions to keep your database running like a well-oiled vehicle and conduct sufficient checks to ensure an efficient day-to-day data sharing and security for your business operations. As certified database management experts, we excel in developing and implementing database upgrades that help in enhancing the data infrastructure and centers of our clients to ensure business continuity..

Our experience spans to cover: MySQL; NoSQL; MongoDB; PostgreSQL; MariaDB…

iOS Applications

At Perfsol, we have team of Apple Application Developers who are proficient in both Objective-C and Swift while integrating Core Animation and Data, Location Services, UI Kit, and other tools, in
building some of the finest and most innovative iOS based apps. We manage a wide variety of Apple projects – from small to highly scalable projects and choose the best development strategy, to ensure that our clients achieve the best maximum return on their technology.

So far we’ve been successful in creating apps for: education, gaming, 3D art, multimedia editing & playback and so much more!

Android Applications

Users are right at the very heart of everything we do at Perfsol and as skilled android developers, we will work closely with you from the initial planning stage till the completion of the app. We recognize that in today’s digital landscape, the growth rate of Android apps has opened up a whole new dimension of opportunities for businesses. So we help our clients navigate this complex landscape with our affordable android development service, to ensure that they get an app designed and developed for their short and long-term goals.

However, closely following the recent updates and all the new features that go with it, we’ve been working on lots of apps for this platform.

Web Applications

We love building software and our dynamic team of expert app developers will harness the power of the best in class technology to develop great, multifaceted, or data-driven custom web applications that will create splendid user experiences your end users. With Perfsol, you can be rest assured that your custom web apps are innovatively created to ensure that potential lapses are quickly identified and rectified for a perfect operation that suits your specific needs….

We’ve worked on creating apps in basically all categories!

UX and Design

At Perfsol, our experience in developing UX and design solutions enables our team to better understand the fundamental principles of UX design and functionality execution to provide responsive and compatible designs for our clients across all devices.

As an IT agency, much of our work is in building and deliver exceptional user experiences that make a positive impression on your target audience. And this has facilitated us in crafting innovative UX design experiences and blueprints to enhance the interaction between our client’s target audience and their digital presence.

QA & Testing

Our QA test experts bring their vast experience across up-to-date technologies and tools to support you in having a definite control over your application’s development stage and lifespan.

At Perfsol, our QA and testing services are planned with one objective in mind – to deliver a trouble-free software that meets your requirements. From our certified testers to our verifying and validating procedures, our team strive to ensure that your software/application remains secure and compatible in whatever background it’s hosted.

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