Why Ukraine is Perfect for Outstaffing

Low Cost for High Quality
Ukrainian IT specialists are very skilled, experienced and have a good background but with lower prices for outstuffing in Ukraine than in Western Europe.

High Level of Expertise
Skilled PHP, Java, JavaScript, and Phyton developers

Large Number of IT-specialists
Over 90,000 technical specialists in Ukraine

Comparable Education
Many technical universities and numerous training and courses for developers, QA engineers, designers organized by Ukrainian IT companies.

Certified Experts
Ukraine won the 3rd position in the list of TOP 50 countries with the biggest number of certified IT specialists. The universities produce over 380,000 IT graduates annually.
Good Geographical Position
The crossroads of major transportation routes from Europe to Asia and from the Scandinavian states to the Mediterranean region.

Cultural Compatibility
Outsourcing and outstuffing companies have a similar business culture, management style and clear approach to solving work issues.

Advanced Language Skills
More than 50% of IT specialists possess fluent or advanced English skills.

source: https://outstaffing.no/en/7-reasons-to-do-outstaffing-in-ukraine/